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Honoring people and their lives through photographic art

Investing in professional photography can be an intimidating process.

You may have many questions such as: Will the photographer understand me? What should I wear? How do I pose? Will I feel comfortable? What will it cost?

Choosing the right photographer who can connect with you and step you through the process is key to getting portraits that you love.

Today everyone carries a camera with them on their phone. Fleeting images constantly surround us. Pausing your busy life to have a high-quality portrait made by a professional photographer will result in prints that will stand the test of time. You can be proud of your portrait, and since it is a physical print it can be enjoyed by you and your family for years to come.

My process is pretty simple. First and foremost,  I start with a conversation with you to get to know you and importantly for you to know me. I believe a strong connection is needed between us to make the image you love. I will step you through my process for studio style portraits or location portraits depending on your goals. We will discuss pricing so there are no surprises. You are free to ask any question of me to alleviate any concerns. A sitting fee will be collected prior to scheduling your session. 

During the session I will direct you on how to pose formally and informally. Based on your busy schedule we will meet to review the curated images of your session. There will be no pressure sales so you can decide which and how many prints you want to purchase. Within 3 weeks of your review session, expect delivery of your cherished prints!

For years I focused on photojournalistic photography because I inherently feel a need to document life. During the pandemic I decided I wanted to expand my photography to make images as well as capture them in the moment. Much of my portraiture is influenced by photojournalism and is considered environmental portraiture. Every family has that one person who loves exploring the family tree and old photos. That is me. I believe that the prints that we make today become part of our legacy for future generations. It is my desire to make these heirlooms for you.

Learn more about me. I look forward to starting our conversation.

Jill Blanchar, owner Jill Jordan Imagery

Jill Blanchar is licensed in North Carolina
Jill Jordan Imagery Copyright 2016-2023

Member of Henderson County

Chamber of Commerce

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