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Hi there, I'm Jill -
thanks for your interest!

Photograph of Jill
Official portrait of Jill
Who am I? I'm not just a photographer; I'm a storyteller who utilizes photography and digital art to turn everyday moments into extraordinary stories for individuals driven by passion. Passion isn't merely a word to me; it's the fiery essence within us, propelling our lives forward. Whether your passion is grand or subtle, personal or professional, it deserves to be celebrated through the captivating art of visual storytelling.

During the pandemic, I said goodbye to the corporate grind, made the switch to a full-time photographer and then moved to Henderson County, North Carolina. My prior part-time photography was focused on documentary work primarily for non-profit organizations that needed visuals for websites and promotional material. I have since expanded my offering to include formal portraiture to create a complete experience for clients looking for personal or business photographic services.
Since moving to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, I’ve been living my best life photographing, spending time with family, furry friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. I’ve even renewed my love for competitive open water swimming.

Being the newcomer on the block presents its unique set of challenges, but for me these are opportunities waiting to be embraced. Gratitude is the lens through which I view every experience, and I'm thrilled to contribute to the growth of fellow passion-driven businesses by creating their unique visual narratives.

I'm not just capturing moments; I'm crafting visual tales that echo my clients' passions for their personal achievements or business branding.

Tell me about your personal or professional passion!
Jill signature_edited.png
Photograph of Jill at the Alcatraz swim race

Yes, this is a self portrait!

  • I was born in Ohio, lived in 6 additional states, attended middle and high school in The Netherlands, and spent extensive time in Saudi Arabia
  • My mother is British so I am a dual citizen
  • I'm married to an intense mountain biker from Texas
  • I have a fantastic son, daughter-in-law, and two adorable grandsons
  • My current furry friend is an American Staffordshire named Allie
  • I've been a competitive swimmer since 5 and have completed numerous open water swims including Alcatraz, Swim around Key West, Swim around Bermuda Sound, Charleston Lowcountry splashes and many more!
  • I have a bachelor degree in computer science and a master degree in remote sensing. The latter I never professionally used.
  • I'm tall - 6'3" - Dad had strong Norwegian blood
  • I am an enthusiastic supporter of active senior citizens and work with the Henderson County Parks and Recreation to photograph activities for the Four Seasons Senior Games.
  • My brand is Jill Jordan Imagery but my name is Jill Blanchar. It's confusing I know!

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