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Interested in a complimentary student photo session?

Yes! For real, totally free with 5 fully edited images as a thank you for your time.


Any current high schooler.  I'm looking for 3 females and 3 males preferably. 


This is what photographers term a "model call" but you don't have to be a model! I'm looking for a diverse group of local high schoolers.


Model calls are done for free to allow photographers like me to try different techniques. Because this is free, I will choose the location and style. However, it doesn't mean you can bring your unique self to the photo session. 

We will chat more about you and possibilities during a planning session.


A parent or guardian must be present during the photo shoot. This is for the student's safety.

A model release for the use of the student's image to use in my online portfolio must be signed by the student if over 18, or the parent/guardian if under.

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Thanks for submitting! We'll contact you soon.

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