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Business & Personal Brands


No one is more passionate about your business than you. It can be tough some days though.


Reinvigorate yourself and your business by fresh images on your website and promotional material. Offer your customers and clients authentic images of your business instead of stock photos that may come across as less genuine.


Renew the enthusiasm you once had and watch your business grow!


Maybe it’s time for a new job or career. Maybe you just want to be more relatable to your customers and clients. Perhaps you’re even a part-time influencer.


Everyone wants to understand the person they are doing business with.


Reveal a relaxed yet professional version of yourself to your customers, clients, or potential employers through images that will leave them wanting more of you!

 Tell me more!

Business Brand package - we will start with reviewing your current gallery of images and promotional materials to put together a plan for your brand session. My goal is to provide you a gallery of images that can be used for the next year or beyond. The image plan will be tailored to your needs and may include items such as outside building, inside environment, detailed images of products, interaction with customers, and images of owner and staff. 

Business brand sessions begin at $350

Personal Brand package - we will begin by reviewing your purpose and the goals you want to achieve. A location will be chosen for your session. My goal is to provide a variety of poses that will help you be successful in your personal goals.

Personal brand sessions begin at $195 and may include additional fees as needed.

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