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Your questions answered!

You have questions, I have answers!

As the old saying goes, no question is too dumb to ask. I hope that the questions below help answer some of your questions. I am available to answer anything on your mind.


Who do I photograph?

I do not discriminate against anyone based on age, gender, sexual orientation, or race. Everyone is welcome!

Where do you photograph?

I am in Henderson County, North Carolina. I can easily photograph across in western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina. Let's chat if you have another location outside this area for additional information.

Do you have a studio?

Because the majority of my clients are seeking photography in their location I have opted to not open my own brick and mortar building.  I have a portable indoor studio that I can take to your home or place of work if you desire a traditional background for your portrait. Location photography for portraits works great either outside, in your home, or place of work or play. Of course, the location must allow professional photography.

How do you create your portraits?

I have a handful of techniques. My preference is to use flash both for indoor and outdoor settings so I can control the light and mood. I use digital editing techniques to enhance or transform an image for your images based on your goal.

What should I wear?

During our initial conversation we will go over this in more detail. Generally, clothing with sleeves and solid colors work best. If you have a group of people, then it will be essential to coordinate clothing with everyone for the best result.

Particularly for personal interests photography, I encourage clients to wear special clothing reflecting their heritage, costume, or sport.

What should I do if I’m nervous?

It is completely natural to feel a bit nervous during a photography session. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. We can discuss any anxiety you have and ways to may you feel better. After all your session is a special day tailored for you.

I’m confused, if your Jill Blanchar, who is Jill Jordan?

I started Jill Jordan Imagery in 2014 while I was still entrenched in my technology career. I used Jordan as an alias to distinguish myself from corporate employment. Of course, my husband approved of the use his last name! Once established, I found it difficult to rebrand to Jill Blanchar, hence, Jill Jordan Imagery lives on.

More questions?

Contact me directly through my contact me page or call me at 828.844.5004. I'm happy to answer any question you have!

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